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Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly addressed dental treatments and also one of the most effective, in saving a tooth. A good Root Canal Specialist will identify the cause, treat the ailment and restore the tooth back to its form and function. Root canal treatment can either be completed in a single session or in multiple sessions depending on the condition of the tooth and peri-apical condition.

Why Root Canal Treatment at LEO DENTAL?

  • Advised only if required
  • Experienced Root Canal Specialists
  • Advanced technologies like Microscope, Apex Locator, Radiovisiograph, 3D scans
  • Strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols
  • Use of disposable files and cleaning agents
  • Use of effective irrigants and disinfectants
  • Promising results with warranty

Root Canal FAQ’s

Is Root Canal Treatment permanent?

Yes, a root canal treatment with 3 dimensional seal till the apex of root can never fail hence, permanent.

Why should we crown a root canal treated tooth?

After a root canal treatment the affected tooth can be compromised either due to decay or due to access preparation this along with non-vitality of tooth makes its brittle and prone to fracture. Hence crowning a root canal treated tooth is advised especially in posterior teeth.

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is recommended if a patient has deep dental decay with severe tooth pain, especially on lying down or on chewing.

In some cases a severely broken down tooth may not elicit any pain especially if its a non-vital tooth, in such cases too, a root canal treatment is advised.

Can I get the tooth extracted instead of root canal treatment?

No, one should avoid extracting teeth except for the wisdom teeth. A root canal treatment can totally restore form and function of a tooth without any side effects. Any extracted tooth needs to be replaced by a dental implant which in comparison is lot more expensive and time consuming.

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